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Adults Boxing (16+yrs) dp boxing in worcester

Adults Boxing (16+yrs)

These classes are delivered by Jon DP Shaw.

This class membership is suitable for males and females aged 16+. The philosophy of this programme of classes is to provide a platform to allow members to improve on individual boxing performance. You will also have full access to use the facility in your own time on preset days and times.

Whether you are using boxing for fitness, or wish to compete competitively on big shows around the country – this class will be suitable for you. The rate of teaching totally depends on your experience level – with the end result being everyone improving and developing.

- Improve Boxing Performance
- Self Defence
- Weight Loss and Toning
- Improve Cardiovascular fitness
- Increased strength and stamina
- Avenues to compete on Boxing shows

What Classes are included:
- Monday Boxing 7-815pm
- Wednesday Boxing 7-815pm
- Friday Boxing 7-815pm
- Invitation Sparring Classes

£50 PM on a Direct Debit.

LIMITED spaces, sign up here: Pay Link

Adults Boxing (16+yrs)
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