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Childrens Boxing (4-9yrs) dp boxing in worcester

Childrens Boxing (4-9yrs)

These classes are delivered by Jon DP Shaw, Melissa MJ Tout, Danny Walder and Bryn Howard.

All children's classes are suitable for girls and boys of a mixed ability. The main philosophy of these classes is to provide a safe and structured learning environment that is not only fun but also allows for child development.

These classes provide coaching on the introductory principles of the art of boxing, such as, The Stance, Guard, Footwork and basic punches. The main aim is to give children a fun but fundamentally correct introduction into the sport. Some of the benefits include;

- Fun
- Respect and discipline
- Self defence
- Inclusive learning environment
- Fitness
- Meet new friends
- Learn something new
- Platform for boxing competitions

What classes are included:
- Monday's 5-6pm
- Wednesdays 5-6pm
- Friday children's 5-6pm

12 taught classes per month.
£40 PM on a Direct Debit.
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Childrens Boxing (4-9yrs)
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