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Ladies Boxing (16+yrs) dp boxing in worcester

Ladies Boxing (16+yrs)

The Ladies ONLY boxing class is a mix of fitness, boxing and self defence. The objective is to improve boxing skills with more emphasis going towards weight loss, body and mind development and general fitness. This is suitable for females of all abilities. You will also have full access to use the facility in your own time on preset days and times.

- Weight Loss
- Toning and body development
- Improve Boxing
- Self Defence
- Meet new people
- Learn something new

What classes are included:
- Saturday 10-11am
- Wednesday 8-9pm

Also Access to use the gym on;
- Saturday 12pm-2pm
- Sunday 9am-1pm

8 taught classes per month + Use of Gym
£30 PM on a Direct Debit.

LIMITED spaces, sign up here: Pay Link

Ladies Boxing (16+yrs)
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