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Adults Muay Thai (15+yrs) dp boxing in worcester

Adults Muay Thai (15+yrs)


The Muay Thai classes are half fitness and half drill/pad based. They are suitable for men and women of ALL abilities. With the membership you also get access to use the gym and equipment on preset times and days.

It's a sports know as "The Art of 8 Limbs" which sees the practice of punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and clinch work - which involves stand up locks with the hands as-well as sweeps and trips.

Classes are designed to cater for the complete beginner right through to the experienced fighter. All levels will be taught at their own rate of learning.

- Learn something new
- Chances to compete
- Get fitter and Tone up
- Meet new people
- Challenge yourself

Adults Muay Thai (15+yrs)
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